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4 Simple Ways to Lower Your Exposure to Electromagnetic Field Radiation

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The human body is an intricate system of 206 bones, 640 skeletal muscles, and more than 900 ligaments that connect it all together. The magic ingredient that gives our bodies life though, is the bioelectric pulses that transfer thoughts from our brain to every cell of our body, powers our nerves, and gives our organs the power to do their jobs.

The bioelectricity that give us life is so sensitive to the electrical waves in the world around us that even the Earth’s very low natural frequency of electricity impacts our bioelectrical impulses. The human body coexists with the electrical impulses from the natural magnetic fields, but in recent decades, the massive amounts of electricity we’re exposed to, particularly with the development of wireless technology, such as cell phones, Wi-Fi, and two-way “

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Saving Time and Money While Getting the Same Care and Medicines — Why Going to an Urgent Care Clinic Makes Sense

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One of the most important aspects of living a happy and content life is to achieve and maintain the best health you possibly can. Staying healthy makes your life easy, saves you from a number of scenarios where you can possibly experience pain or discomfort and keeps you active for long durations. When it is one of those rare occasions that you do get bogged down by a health concern, a trip to the doctor is usually in order. Many people visit crowded hospital ERs for their examination and treatment, which is a good way of doing things, although there are a number of downsides.

ERs are equipped with all the people, machines and medicines that you need to achieve relief, but they are built for emergency situations. Everyday, household problems are less of a priority in these places, and you might

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OTC Chemicals Have Helped Breed ‘Super Lice’ That Require Physical Lice Removal

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Getting head lice is never a pleasant experience. Getting rid of lice is only getting harder.

Sure, it might be awhile before you actually start to see or feel the signs and symptoms, it typically takes about four weeks/10,000 bites before the sensitization process that causes itching kicks in, but when it does it can leave your head sore, red, itchy, and in a whole lot of discomfort.

Unfortunately, it appears this potential problem is only getting worse. With the rise of over-the-counter head lice treatments more and more strands of head lice are becoming inherently immune to these chemical head lice removal Bergen County NJ and across the United States.

According to NBC’s Oklahoma affiliate KFOR, lice samples from 84 people from various different countries found that 99.6% of head lice have some sort of gene mutation that made them immune to common lice removal chemicals like permethrin and pyrethrin. These strains of lice have already been found in at least 25 U.S. states and is one of the reason lice removal Bergen County NJ services have opened up to new kinds of treatment centers.

“It’s almost saturated with [these genes], which means that people using permethrin and pyrethrin-based products will probably have a very hard time controlling the lice,” said Kyong Sup Yoon, lead author of multiple lice removal studies and associate professor of biological sciences and environmental sciences at Southern Illinois University.

As the article points out, one of the places many parents are turning to is “nitpickers,” or lice removal Bergen County NJ and across the country that physically hand pick each individual louse and even eggs from a person’s scalp. Usually there are only about 10 live lice on a child’s head who’s infected at any given time.

In the same way that strands of bacteria can become immune to antibiotics and create “super bacteria” it is now happening with head lice. If you’re in need of lice removal Bergen County NJ or anywhere else in the country it’s a good idea to consider chemical free lice removal.

Not Your Kid’s Braces Cosmetic Dentistry for Adults

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If you had braces as a kid, you remember the dentist’s office as a medieval torture chamber equipped with metal tools for poking, drilling, and clamping. Your masked tormentor and his ominous chair may still haunt your nightmares. The day you got your braces off was your Independence Day; you were finally free of those oppressive shackles that made your gums raw and your ego sore. You vowed that day to dedicate yourself to impeccable dental hygiene so that never again would you feel the weight of those chains. But no one is perfect, and dental care isn’t as easy as it sounds. Maybe your teeth have shifted over the years or tooth decay snuck up on you despite your best efforts. As you grow older, it is possible to grow out of that pearly white smile, but remember that there is something you can do ab

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Five Symptoms That Require Medical Attention

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When people people have a headache or just feel sick, the instinct of most is to hide in bed until it goes away. Sometimes, that is the right thing to do. Others, it very much is not. How to tell if a symptom is just annoying or a sign of something worse is difficult for most to determine, however, and no one wants to be the hypochondriac annoying an emergency room nurse. Some symptoms should never be ignored though and here are five to address immediately.

  1. Abdominal Bloating: This does not refer to the normal discomfort after eating fast food. No, this means a constant feeling of discomfort or mild pain, and it really only pertains to women. Why is it important? For some women, this could be a symptom of ovarian cancer. It may be rare, but that does not mean the possib

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