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5 Tips and Tricks for Getting Better Sleep After Getting a Hair Transplant

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Men around the world have to deal with unpleasant hair loss. It has been estimated that there are at least thirds of all men in the United States experience some degree of noticeable hair loss by the time they reach the age of 35. That number jumps to at least 85% by the time these men reach the age of 50. It takes a decent amount of time before hair loss can become really visible to others. Hair loss specialists say that a can can lose about half of their hair before it is really noticeable. The good news for the 35 million American men dealing with hair loss is that, help is available. There are male hair loss specialists all over the country who can help men pick the right hair loss treatment for them.

One issue many people neglect talking about with a male hair loss specialist is how they can get a good night sleep after undergoing any of the hair transplants that are now available. Even though when men think about it later, they do worry about damaging the sensitive scalp area. Many surgeons and hair restoration clinics do explain that it is exceedingly difficult for patients to do damage to area of the scalp that was operated on, the fear persists among many patients. For the sake of patient safety and peace of mind, male hair loss specialists recommend the following tips to get a good night’s sleep after the surgery.

  1. Change the way you sleep. If you normally sleep on your back and are worried that this may impact your scalp after a hair transplant, one change you may be able to make is to start sleeping on your side. This is a good way to make sure you do not bump your head on your headboard.
  2. Switch around your pillows. If that is too much (many people find they are more attached to the way they sleep. You can put your pillows into a configuration that allows you to sleep in a more upright position. This can be an easier change for most people to make.
  3. If you can sleep on your side but are worried about rolling over, you can position your pillows so that you cannot do this while you are asleep. Your male hair lost specialist can give you some suggestions about this if you need that.
  4. Look into travel pillows. The travel pillows that many people use on airplanes, trains and busses can work to cradle your head can help after a hair transplant surgery. These pillows will keep you from moving your head in ways you would like it not to and will keep you from rubbing your sore skin against your pillows.
  5. Do not skip your sleep. Even though a hair transplant surgery is a minor procedure, it is still surgery so you need to get your rest to recover. They may recommend that you keep your head elevated post-op. Ater a hair transplant, you need your beauty rest.

When you go home from your hair transplant surgery, you will have bandages to protest your head until you go back for your follow up visit with your surgeon. It will be important to keep them on until you return to the hair loss clinic and see your male hair loss specialist because they know how to best remove the bandages without doing any damage to your sensitive skin. They will also access any swelling. You should not replace your bandages after they have been removed by your doctor.

When you go back to your hair loss clinic, you will be given medications and instructions as to how you should take care of your hair and scalp. Many male hair loss specialists will send patients home after the main procedure with these instructions but sometimes people have questions once they get home and try to take those and put them into practice.

Most men report having a boost in their self confidence after having their hair transplant done. You should make sure you ask your male hair loss specialist all of your questions before and after your procedure.

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