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Can a Protein Shake Replace a Meal?

You may have asked yourself the question, ” can a protein shake replace a meal?” Well, it’s important to do your research and find out for sure what happens if you do replace meals with protein shakes. There are a few different health effects this can cause, both good and bad. In this video, an expert will go over whether meal replacement shakes or protein shakes are a healthy alternative to meals.

Depending on what type of shakes you are having, you may be having something more unhealthy than you would if you just ate a regular meal. If you make your own shakes with fruits, vegetables, and other healthy items, you will get a lot of nutritional value from them.

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But, if you choose to use the premade shakes and powders, you may be adding more sugar into your life than necessary, but they do have some added nutritional benefits as well.

Watch this entire video to find out if it is healthy to replace meals with protein shakes or if you should be finding a different way to get your protein and nutrients with solid foods and regular meals.


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