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How Eating a Plant Based Diet Can Help You Avoid Liver Surgery

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As the most powerful country in the entire world, America’s healthcare system is renowned for it’s advanced technology, innovative surgical techniques, superb medical facilities, and highly trained doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. And while all of this is true, the irony is that America is a first world, Western country that experiences the world’s highest rates of chronic disease such as diabetes, obesity in both adults and children, high cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure, and certain of cancer related to these illnesses such as colon cancer. This begs the question that many people all over the world and in America are just beginning to ask; Why is this and how did this even happen?

And although countless — and expensive — research studies have been done in order to find the answer to this question, the answer is surprisingly — or unsurprisingly depending on who you ask — quite simply; it’s the food. It goes without saying that the standard American diet, often simply referred to as SAD ironically enough, is pretty sand in and of itself. Loaded with high amounts of sodium, saturated fat, artificial colorings, additives, genetically and highly processed food-like products, it’s easy to see why so many Americans are unhealthy even though they live in the world’s most powerful country and have access to some of the best medical technology available.

And as if the SAD wasn’t bad enough, many American live sedentary lifestyles and experience little to no physical activity. Even children, who tend to be more physically active than adults, have become increasingly sedentary over the past decade. This is due to a number of reasons, namely the near constant use of mobile devices connected to the internet. Play time outdoors has now become time spent in front of the television or computer indoors. Additionally, many Americans work sedentary office jobs and can spend up to 15 hours a day seated.

Diet, however, is the main culprit when it comes to America having the highest rates of chronic disease in the world. Many people, including many public figures, celebrities, and even former President’s, have turned to plant based diets in order combat the onset of these diseases. Former President Bill Clinton for example was facing another major heart surgery when he decided to switch to a plant based diet for health reasons. Similarly, Arnold Schwarzenegger recently announced that he was transitioning to a plant based diet after receiving several health warnings from his doctor.

Here are just some out of many benefits of eating a plant based diet.

Decreased risk of chronic disease

With chronic disease comes an increased risk of liver surgery, colon surgery, pancreas surgery, and heart surgery in order to remove cancerous growths and blockages. Liver surgery is often needed to remove diseased and fatty portions of liver, and even though the liver is known for its regenerative properties, liver surgery is a major surgery that can be extremely taxing on the body. And with a decreased risk of chronic disease, a plant based diet also provides decreased risk of liver surgery and other major surgery.

Easier to keep weight off

Eating a diet rich in saturated fats from meat not only increases your risk of chronic disease and major surgery such as heart and liver surgery, but it also makes it more difficult to manage your weight. The high amounts of saturated fats found in meats, dairy, and eggs makes it difficult for the body to stay at a healthy weight. A plant based diet, which has little to no saturated fats, makes losing weight easier than ever before.

More energy and vitality

The standard American diet is brimming with refined sugar, artificial ingredients, animal fats, and other additives that can leave you feeling sluggish, slow, and tired. These can sap your energy and make it more difficult to find the motivation to workout. Similarly, plant based foods are also more nutrient rich, especially ones grown in organic soil. As such, it’s common for people that eat a plant based diet to report higher energy levels, better sleep, and more vitality. Some even report increased mood stability and an increase in overall happiness.

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