Should I visit an urgent care clinic?

Have you ever bumped your head and thought it wasn’t quite serious enough for an emergency room visit? Did you ever cut yourself and think it may need a couple stitches? Urgent care clinics are open to help those who are suffering from non life threatening injuries. These clinics have taken a huge stress off of all the emergency rooms which are already over capacity. So when is it a good time to go to an urgent care clinic? What are some things they treat?

Urgent care clinics can treat a variety of different problems anywhere from mild allergic reactions to small fractures that don’t require surgery. 85% of these urgent care clinics are open seven days a week to ensure they are always there to help. Having doctors able to quickly treat these minor injuries as they happen is great for people who don’t have a family doctor. They are also great for families with small children who are always finding themselves in need of treatment for minor mishaps. Kids are constantly falling off their bikes, climbing trees, and getting sick. Having an urgent care clinic nearby will help you save time and energy by bypassing the hospital entirely.

Urgent care clinics can provide flu shots and prescription refills for walk in patients. This makes it convenient when you are unable to get an appointment that suits your schedule. Maintaining regular visits with the same doctor can eliminate the need to retell your story every visit and they keep an extensive file if you see the same urgent care location every time.

If you are ever in a minor motor vehicle accident you can visit an urgent care clinic to document any injuries you may have received during the crash. This is very important if your injury gets worse and you need to make an insurance claim. The clinic will ask you before you enter the room or have a sign that states you must inform them if the visit is insurance related so they can fill out the proper paper work for your visit. You may not have a major injury or serious pain but it’s always better to document and make sure, some injuries won’t be apparent until a couple days later.

If you find yourself in need a medical attention and it is a non emergency look up local urgent care clinics, they will save you hours in the emergency room. There is convenient health care service in most cities around the globe and they are opening more clinics everyday to help the public and reduce the strain on hospitals.

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