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If You Have a Non-Critical Medical Problem, Urgent Care May Be the Best Choice for You

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In the United States, an estimated 20,000 doctors practice urgent care medicine. This section of the healthcare industry is steadily growing and helping to relieve community emergency rooms and doctors offices that are often overwhelmed with patients; currently, an estimated 27% of all emergency room visits in the United States could take place at an urgent care facility. Urgent care centers treat a number of non-critical medical problems, and also offer their patients a variety of benefits, including shorter wait times and more affordable care. For this reason, if you have a non-l

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How to Get the Most out of your Laser Facial Resurfacing Treatment

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Is age, acne or sun leaving marks and wrinkles on your face that you’d like to get rid of? Maybe laser facial resurfacing can help you get that glowing skin back!

Laser facial resurfacing removes skin in precise layers, prompting new skin cell growth that minimizes facial lines and enhances facial skin tightening.

If you think laser resurfacing can help you, your first step is to consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon about the procedure. If you’re prone to cold sores or fever blisters, let them know, because laser facial resurfacing can trigger breakouts in people who have them often.

If you pass your skin

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Three Reasons Your Home Might Need a Walk In Bathtub and Shower

Tub walk in

Homeowners today often choose to perform upgrades to their homes. They do this for a variety of reasons. Some want to make their home more comfortable, attractive, or just all around pleasant for those who live there. Others want to add value to their homes. Yet some others also need upgrades in order to make their home accessible, and one of the top 5 upgrades, according to This Old House, is to install a walk in bathtub and shower combo in the bathroom.

Bathroom updates can do a lot for a home, and by installing a walk in bathtub and shower, a homeowner could get the advantages of looks, accessibility, and value all at once. Why might most people rely on shower walk in bathtubs? Here are some of the advantages that these fixtures may offer to a homeowner.

    1. They’re modern.

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Find the Best Urgent Care Facility Near You

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When regular doctor’s hours are over, sometimes receiving prompt medical attention is necessary. But what if the situation is not dire enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room? What if the person does not have health insurance?

It may make sense–in terms of convenience, accessibility, and financial feasibility–to find urgent care centers and even STD testing centers in your area. After all, America has about 6,800 total walk in health clinics like these, many of them in their own buildings.

But why does it make sense to go to urgent care facilities if you cannot find a primary care physician or if you do not need to visit the emergency room? As the phrase “walk in clinic” suggests, no appointment is necessary and yet you

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Two Simple Ways to Relieve Back Pain

Chiropractic treatment

Did you know that 25% of Americans have had 24-hour back pain within the past three months? In addition, 80% of all people experience back pain at some point in their lives. This is harmful not only because back pain contributes to immobility, but also because it makes performing daily tasks nearly impossible. Fortunately, whether you currently suffer from back pain or want to prevent it from affecting you, there are two helpful treatment options available.

- Visit a chiropractor. Chiropractic treatments are designed to heal disorders of the musculoskeletal system. This is achieved through soft tissue, joint, and spinal manipulation, all of which heal the root cause of your pain as oppo

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