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3 Times to Get Your Child to the Doctor

Airway reconstruction

When you have children, they become your main priority. No matter what happens, you want what is going to be best for them, especially when it comes to health care. When they have any abnormal health signs, your best bet is to take them in to see a doctor, since it is better to be safe than sorry. Read on for three times you should always take your kids in to see someone.

Ear Issues

About 83%, or five out of six kids, will have an ear infection by the time they turn three, with 30% of kids having three or more instances of infections. Though genes are responsible in 50 to 60% of children with hearing loss, you should be careful when it comes to infections and other issues within the ear. Not keeping up with care for cholesteatoma and other chronic ear problems can also lead to

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3 Essential Chiropractic Benefits

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Chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine that was developed in the late 1800s. The primary focus of the discipline is diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal system mechanical disorders, especially involving the spine and nervous system. It’s considered the most prevalent form of alternative medicine on the planet with an estimated 27 million Americans alone being treated annually. Whether you suffered a recent injury that’s causing lingering pain or just in need of a simple back alignment here are three chiropractic benefits from a chiropractor services.

    1.) Improved Posture: Bad posture is an epidemic that has long plagued the American society. As more and more technology provides us with ways to do things with the press of a button not only are we not mov

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What You Need to Know About Liposuction

Plastic surgery liposuction

If you’re considering liposuction, one of the leading medical weight loss programs in the nation, there are a few things you should know. Here are just a few.

What Is It? - Liposuction is a surgical procedure. Medical weight loss doctors use a suction technique to remove fat from specific parts of the body, like the arms, thighs, hips, or abdomen. In other words, it’s an effective way to remove unwanted fat from specific areas of the body.

Why Is It Done? - Liposuction is normally performed to get rid of the fat after the body hasn’t responded well to diet and exercise. You see, as people gain weight, fat cells inc

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How to Get Used to Your Sleep Apnea Machine

Sleep ApneaSleep apnea is a common and serious sleep disorder than affects nearly 18 million people in the United States. Sufferers stop breathing multiple times throughout the night for periods of time lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes. These periods of time when a person stops breathing are called “apneas” and someone with the disorder can have up to 60 in any given night. People with untreated sleep apnea are three times as likely to develop heart disease and four times as likely to have a stroke than people who either do not have it or control it with treatment. Many of these sufferers use a sleep apnea machine.

The most common treatment for sleep apnea is a sleep apnea machine. The most commonly prescribed sleep apnea machine is the  Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. It basically forces air into the patient’s lungs and prevents them from stopping breathing during the night.

These machines are not perfect but there are way to avoid some common issues people have using any device that requires a sleep apnea mask.

  1. How can I make the CPAP mask more comfortable? There are different kinds of CPAP masks. You can get a full face CPAP mask or a smaller mask. Make sure the mask fits properly. There are small masks that just fit in your nose, these are called nasal pillows. If you read or watch TV in bed and wear glasses, the smaller mask may work better but if you move around a lot when you sleep, a larger mask might work better. Make sure your mask is fit to your face.
  2. This just is not comfortable. It is certainly hard to sleep when you are uncomfortable. Try wearing it for periods of time during the day to acclimate yourself to the mask and how it feels on your face. When you are more used to wearing it, put it on every single time you sleep. Wear it at night but also wear it when you take a nap, if you do that. The more you wear your sleep apnea machine mask, the easier it will be to sleep with it on.
  3. I do not like the feeling when air is forced into me. You can start to get used to the way your sleep apnea machine works but adjusting the CPAP settings. Start yourself off on a lower pressure setting, as you get used to that, raise it until you have reached the level prescribed by your doctor.
  4. I feel so dried out after I sleep with it. You can get a sleep apnea machine with a humidifying function. Older people, over 60, often need heated humidification for their CPAP machines. If you find yours is making you feel too dried out, you can opt for that. Your doctor can also prescribe nasal drops to help with that.
  5. It just makes me more claustrophobic. This is a common complaint. Try placing the mask on your face without securing the straps or attaching the hose. As you get used to that, wear it with the straps. Gradually work yourself up to the point where you can wear the full apparatus. It may take some time but it will happen if you work at it.

The bottom line is that sleep apnea is very serious but you can improve your health with some work and effort.

Surgical Options for Infertility

fertility treatment optionsWhen couples cannot conceive it puts a huge strain on them and their marriage. Infertile couples are three times as likely to get a divorce. The good news is that there are things that can be done to help. Of the 44% of women who seek treatment for issues involving infertility, 65% go on to get pregnant and give birth. There are a number of fertility treatment options available.

Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after a full year of trying. If a couple experiences this for 12 months, they should consider going to a physician for a fertility evaluation. There are a number of fertility treatment options available and they range from medications to surgery.

Some fertility treatment options include:

  1. Surgery to unblock the fallopian tubes. Also called a tuboplasty this surgery widens the tubes or removes anything that is causing a blockage. During this procedure, a catheter equipped with a balloon is threaded through the tube and inflated. This opens the tube and restores its function. Nearly 25% of all infertile women are affected by tubal disease and it can be mild or the tubes can be completely blocked. Women who have had Pelvic Inflammatory Disease at least once may have a higher risk for problems.
  2. Fimbrioplasty. When the fimibriae fuse together, they are located at the end of the fallopian tube near the ovaries, the egg cannot enter the tube. This microsurgery opens them up and allows the egg to pass from the ovary into the tube. This is a fairly simple procedure.
  3. Tubal ligation reversal surgery. Many people assume that pregnancy after tubal ligation is completely impossible. This is simply not at all accurate. During a tubal ligation procedure, several sections of the fallopian tubes are cut. This can be reversed by rejoining these severed sections. There are cases where the fallopian tubes have been clamped, not severed. In both cases the ligation procedure can be reversed. The pregnancy rate for women who undergo a reversal can be as high as 92%.

Another one of the fertility treatment options is acupuncture. The Chinese medical practice is based on the idea that the human body has 20 energy pathways that control how it functions. When these pathways become blocked, we experience health problems such as infertility.  A healthy energy balance can be restored by placing ultra-small needles at certain energy points to clear any blockages.

New research suggests that acupuncture causes the brain to release endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural way to relax the body. They also can help with pain and help regulate a woman’s menstruation. These treatments work best when there is no physical blockage. This can work on its own but is also improves the efficacy of other fertility treatments. It works by helping to restore certain systems to a more normal state but the stress relieving aspects of acupuncture should not be discounted.

Stress has a lot of negative effects on the human body and can impact fertility. When a couple cannot conceive, it only adds to the stress and that can create a vicious cycle. If you are concerned about not being able to become pregnant, you should see a doctor for an evaluation.

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