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Dealing with the Flu When Does Your Child Need a Doctor?

The flu is a common sickness that generally doesn’t require medical attention for your child. Most of the time they are safe to ride it out at home until they are better. Flu treatment generally entails drinking a lot of water, getting substantial rest, and maybe some Tylenol to deal with the accompanying fever and body aches.

However, there are times that the flu can become dangerous for your child. Even children who have had flu shots can be susceptible to more severe symptoms. While the flu can usually be treated at home, there are some situations that constitute taking your child to see a doctor.

High or Persistent Fever

Fevers serve a purpose and aren’t not always something to be concerned about. However, if it is continuously high or hangs around for multiple days then it may be a good idea to take your child to an urgent care center or your family doctor. Fevers of 104 degrees or more are concerning in children of any age, but lower fevers around 101 to 103 can be a problem in infants and toddlers, especially if they last longer than one day.


One of the more dangerous side effects of the flu is the potential for dehydration. If your child is unable to keep liquids down this could become an issue quickly. Signs of dehydration are lack of urination or dark urine, extremely dry lips, skin that is dry or cold, no sign of tears when they cry, and fast breathing or heart rate. If your child has been struggling to keep water down and you notice any of these signs you should take them to the doctor. Urgent care is a good choice in this situation, because you can get more immediate care.

Persistent Vomiting

Usually vomiting caused by the flu slows down or stops within the first 24 hours. However, if it seems like it’s not slowing down and it is making it impossible for you child to eat or drink, then you should take them to the doctor so that they can get help with getting hydrated and getting proper nutrition.

Consider Urgent Care

If your child is experiencing any of these situations you should consider taking them to an urgent care facility. You can get help the same day rather than having to wait for an appointment with your family doctor. With dangerous flu symptoms it is better to get care as fast as possible.

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