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Full And Thick Hair Information You Should Know About A FUE Hair Transplant

In the United States many people believe that physical appearance is extremely important. They wear certain clothes, women purchase various forms of makeup for their faces, and every individual styles their hair in impressive, beautiful ways. However, there are people whose physical appearance has been compromised. Needless to say, they cannot style their hair in impressive, beautiful ways. In fact, men and women experience hair thinning, hair loss, and balding. To be more specific, two-thirds of American men experience hair loss by the time they’re thirty-five, and thinning hair by the time they’re fifty. Additionally, 35 million men will experience hair baldness. These hair complications can lead to insecurities, unhappiness, and confidence issues. If you’re a man with hair complications, here is information you should know about a FUE hair transplant.

Hair Loss Treatment: FUE Hair Transplant

A form of hair loss treatment is a FUE hair transplant. FUE stands for follicular unit extraction. This hair loss treatment is a surgical procedure. A physician will remove portions or units of healthy hair follicles and place them in the areas where your hair is thinning or non-existent. This is typically known as the harvest site. A physician will normally take around one to four hairs from the harvest or donor site. He or she will need to shave the harvest site, but it is extremely minor and you will not notice it once the procedure is over. FUE hair transplant prides itself on being minimally invasive, and each procedure provides very good results. However, this procedure has more benefits than that.

The Benefits Of FUE Hair Transplant

Scarring: When individuals think of surgery, they think of the scars that are left behind after the area is healed. But, with a FUE hair transplant, this isn’t so. A FUE hair transplant does not leave any scars behind. Therefore, you can get this procedure done and no one would even know you had surgery!

Discomfort: Another assumption of surgery is that the patient is going to experience discomfort during and after the procedure is completed. A FUE hair transplant provides you with barely any discomfort. Not only will you be happy to have a full head of hair, but you’ll be happy that you did not experience discomfort or pain.

Natural: There are some hair transplants that do not look natural. With that being said, strangers, family, and friends could possibly tell that you had a procedure done to treat your hair problems. Additionally, this could cause more confidence issues. With a FUE hair transplant, no one will be able to tell that you had a procedure done to cure your thinning or balding hair. Your hair will look natural and thick! You’ll forget you ever had hair issues!

Can Change The Procedure: A FUE hair transplant typically requires that a physician take healthy hair from the back of your head. This harvest site is very common and known to show great results. However, there are some individuals that do not have a great donor area at the back of their head. This could be due to lack of hair in that area or issues with the scalp; such as softness. If you can relate to this, fear not! You can still get a FUE hair transplant. In fact, physicians can change the procedure. This means that physicians can alter the donor site. To be more specific, a physician can take hair from other portions of your body, such as your arms or legs. Therefore, anyone can get this procedure done regardless of the hair on their head.

Cost: Since this procedure is medically advanced, there are many elements to consider. One element is the cost of a hair transplant surgery. The cost of a hair transplant surgery depends on many different things. First, it is safe to say that the cost of a hair transplant surgery can cost around $15,000. The lower end of the cost of a hair transplant surgery is around $4,000. However, this all depends on where you live, how much hair you need removed and then placed back on, and if you need to travel for it.

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