The Myriad of Services Provided by Nexcare Urgent Care

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Nextcare Urgent Care Facilities provide care for nearly 3 million patients every week. Walk in clinics are growing in popularity due to the increasing number of physicians who specialize in it; there are currently around 20,000 practicing physicians in urgent care medicine. Many patients prefer urgent care centers due to their hours of operation and emphasis on urgent medical care. Nearly 85% of urgent care centers are open seven days per week, with over two-thirds of centers open before 9:00 am on weekdays. Aside from your typical emergencies, Nextcare Urgent Care provides treatment for a variety of ailments, including these three common injuries.

Sports Injuries
Bruises, fractures, and other sports injuries affect 12 million youth between the ages of 5 and 22 each year, leading to over 20 million days of school absence per year between them all. Rather than wrestle with a doctor’s appointment, Nextcare Urgent Care facilities have the experience and qualification to treat all manner of sports injuries, ensuring that no one has to miss any event due to an injury.

Breaks and Scrapes
Nearly 80% of urgent care centers are capable of providing care for injuries like breaks and fractures. Painful injuries such as these require immediate care and relief for the patient, making urgent care a solid choice when looking for immediate aid. Of the 25,000 Americans who suffer from an ankle sprain every day, many of them choose to have the expert physicians at an urgent care facility prescribe treatment.

Aches and Growing Pains
Many people choose to live with the aches and pains associated with getting older. Up to 69% of U.S. citizens claiming that lower back pain is so extreme that it affects their daily lives, but there are treatment options available through urgent care. Some urgent care facilities have therapists or special exercises that can aid those suffering with constant pain. By the year 2030, 60% of baby boomers will struggle with a chronic condition; don’t live in pain, visit a Nextcare Urgent Care Center and live without pain!

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