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Keep Quality Employees with Quality Benefits Packages

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In the workforce today, employers have made things very difficult for themselves when it comes to finding and keeping quality, committed employees. Employers lose up to $11 billion every year due to such high employee turnover.

When it comes to the millennials who are presently in and continuing to enter the workforce, they have very low loyalty to any company. According to a recent survey, almost half of all millennials expect to change jobs within two years, if they are given the opportunity.

One of the deciding factors for an employee deciding to leave or come to a certain company has to do with the company’s full time employee benefits.

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Are You Ready to Find a Doctor for Your Struggling Child?

Airway reconstruction

It was a painful conversation.
When your fifth grade son came home from school one of the fist days of the new year, he was devastated. He painfully explained how he had been so excited to go visit the music room that day. Excited, that it, until he received the bad news. The band instrument exploration day was something that many students looked forward to. Being sent into the room alphabetically though meant that by the time your son arrived, all of the most popular percussion spots had been snatched up. In fact, by the time your son arrived the only real choices left were for flute or trumpet.
Flutes were for girls, according to your son, and when the visiting band director looked at your son it became pretty evident that the instructor already knew that the trumpet would not work. although yo

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Finding the Right Urgent Care for Kids

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Finding quality health care can be a process sometimes. You want the very best for your family, and that might involve shopping around a bit for a doctor or medical office that best fits your needs. But even after choosing your child’s primary physician from a list of the best doctors, there are still factors and hypothetical situations to consider. For example, what if your child needs medical help after the normal business hours of your doctor’s office? Emergency room visits get quite costly very quickly. By looking for quality urgent care for kids in your area, you could be prepared for those cases that too often tend to sneak up out of the blue.

Clinics that provide

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Wondering How to Find the Right Therapist for You? Here are Three Important Things To Pay Attention to


Mental health care is just as important as physical health care, and it’s vitally important to seek help when your mind feels off.

In the United States, anxiety disorders are the most prevalent mental illness. Anxiety affects about 40 million adults in the U.S. — that’s 18% of the population. Anxiety can also be life threatening. Those who suffer from an anxiety disorder are three to five times more likely to visit the doctor, and six times more likely to be hospitalized for a psychiatric disorder.

And according to The Aviva Health of the Nation Index, in 2012 general practitioners reported that about 84% of their appointments were related to stress and anxiety, and 55% of their patients reported mental health issues.

Despite the prevalence and treatability of anxiety disorders, very few people seek treat

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The American Opioid Epidemic Is Wrecking Havoc for Employers

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It should come as no secret that the United States is in the middle of a huge opioid epidemic. Nearly 27,000 people are killed every year from opioid overdoses. There are few parts of the country that have not been impacted by this problem. It has been said that opiate addiction is one of the biggest public health issues facing the country right now.

As a consequence of the rise in opiate addictions, many employer are having problems with people who are taking them on the the job. Bloombergandnbsp;recently put out a piece about this issue and how American businesses need to deal with it.

By some estimates, there are as many as 4.3 million people who have admitted to using prescription pain killers for non-medical uses. Ci

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